CF5+ Multi-usage Color Sorter China

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CF5+ Multi-usage Color Sorter China

Postby Sebahtstian on Mon Dec 25, 2017 9:30 am

Product description:
The NMC-36VS is a BT-40 spindle compact cnc machining centers, with high rigity and much higher productivity than normal cnc vertical machining center. The machine demontrates the excellent machining capability for automobile, motocycle and information technology. Also it is a top-level environmental performance.

(GSK25i is a high-performance CNC system characterized by its powerful functions and simple operation. It is applicable to the multi-function cnc machining center, boring machines, milling machines and drilling machines with 3~5 axis linkage.)

Whether you call it a milling machine, a machining center, or a machine tool, Hurco has the right CNC equipment to make your business more profitable. In fact, each machine tool we manufacture and each control feature we develop is designed with customer profitability as the top objective. While there are numerous reasons to choose WNC, the high level benefits of WNC machining centers vertical are highlighted below.​

Whether you own a small job shop, you're a tier one supplier to the big automotive or aerospace companies, you supervise a tool room at a large company, or you’re a startup pursuing a dream, one of our machining center vertical will fit your needs and your budget. We have more than 20 machining centers designed to provide the flexibility you need for a wide range of applications.
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