HTC-80 hot sale Line CNC Machine centre with good

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HTC-80 hot sale Line CNC Machine centre with good

Postby Sebahtstian on Wed Jan 10, 2018 8:48 am

Product feature:

This 5 axis cnc machining centers is the latest patented product developed by our company, it use multi-station rotary structure to construct the flexible processing line. The coordinate unit of each processing station is roller rolling guideway, the moving speed is fast and the rigidity is relatively high. Because of the 5 axis horizontal machining centers, the numeric control of each unit can operate independently or all units operate coordinately and simultaneously, reducing processing time significantly and improving manufacturing efficiency. Because of the use of multi-axis control for every manufacturing cell, it’s easy to process the similar parts by changing or adjusting the clamping fixture and tools.

Because we can finish multiple 5 axis vertical machining center on the same fixture, the workpiece is clamped just once, it can avoid the resetting error lead by multiple Clamping, greatly improve the machining accuracy and conformity.

Compared with disperse procedures, the occupied space of this processing line is greatly reduced. It needs only one people to operate, solving the problem of lacking area and worker, reducing the manufacturing cost, improving the competitiveness of the product significantly.

Complete machining in one clamping
NC rotarytable
Advanced CNC control unit
3.Much Less Workers
A 5 axis machining center can auto-make product by multiple machining. Only need one worker or Robot to load and unload
4.Less Space
Combine a lot of 5 axis cnc machining center to one and use much less space in the workshop
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