Roots Water Ring Vacuum Pump System for sale

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Roots Water Ring Vacuum Pump System for sale

Postby Sebahtstian on Thu Jan 11, 2018 2:18 am

The roots water ring vacuum system is a roots pump as the main industrial vacuum pumps, water ring pump for the front class pump in series. Roots water ring vacuum unit selection of water ring pump as a pre-pump than other industrial vacuum pump is more favorable, it overcomes the use of a single water ring when the limit pressure difference (the unit's limit pressure than the water ring pump has greatly improved) In a certain pressure under the low pumping rate of the shortcomings, while retaining the Roots industrial vacuum pumps for sale can work quickly, the advantages of a larger pumping rate. In particular, it is possible to adapt to the extraction of large amounts of condensable vapors, especially when the gas-laden seal mechanical industrial vacuum pump for sale is insufficient to remove condensable steam, or the solvent used can deteriorate the pump oil and affect the performance, or the vacuum system does not allow oil contamination Time is more obvious. When equipped with explosion-proof motor and electrical appliances and comply with the corresponding safety rules, but also remove the flammable and explosive gas.

Applicable Industry:
Widely used in the chemical industry in the vacuum pump for sale, vacuum evaporation, dehydration crystallization; food industry in the freeze-drying; pharmaceutical industry vacuum drying; textile industry polyester chips; high-altitude simulation test vacuum system.
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