It s not much to go off and little do we know how it ll actu

It s not much to go off and little do we know how it ll actu

Postby wenyue on Sat Oct 15, 2016 6:56 am

We ve been working on it for like six months. Only One: The Game takes its title from his single Only One that s was produced by West in collaboration with former member of the Beatles, Paul McCartney. The song actually concerns a conversation between his daughter North and his late mother Dondo West, rsmalls who died of complications attributed to a plastic surgery operation back in 2007.The trailer shows a figure riding astride Pegasus, flying through clouds in a rather dreamy sequence of events.

It s not much to go off and little do we know how it ll actually turn out, although I must say that the trailer music is actually rather special.The only real snippet of information we got from Kanye at the premiere was, This shit was hard to do man. Nothing has been set in stone, so expect Only One: The Game  sometime in the future that s as close as we re going to get. Buy Runescape Gold In case you couldn t tell from the title, I m sceptical about AAA episodic games. When Square Enix s next Hitman title was announced as a fully episodic title, I thought: so it begins.

I’ve been saying to myself for a while that it wouldn’t be long until major publishers are turning AAA gaming IPs into episodic titles. And here we are with Hitman , a big budget, fully episodic title, coming out next month.Runescape Gold I knew AAA episodic games were coming thanks to games like Life is Strange and Telltales regular episodic output performing well both critically and commercially, more publishers are going to start seeing the dollar signs and jump on the bandwagon.
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